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Money Large The freight audit recovery services by Freight Revenue Recovery of Miami, Inc. can help your business save hundreds or thousands of dollars each year by auditing your carrier's invoices and fees.

FRRM provides a great way to recover any revenue lost to the carrier's constant overbilling. As we all know, eventually errors slip through even sophisticated payment processes, and under best of circumstances. That's where FRRM post audit for paid freight bills comes in. Below is the life cycle of an overcharge claim, and some procedural practices that govern our post audits.

Freight Bill Audits Freight bill post audit is a useful tool for finding out where problem areas lie, and can point out weak areas in the payment or processing flow of your freight payment practices. In fact, some 3PL companies are negotiating out post audit BEHIND them! That's pretty scary. Get a post audit behind your current 3PL, and find out just exactly how well they are performing their job for your company.

Overcharge Claims Life Cycle

Typically, 30 days to acknowledge, with an additional 30 days for review by an internal auditor for the carrier to verify the validity of the claim, and upwards to 90 days before payment for said overcharge is remitted back to FRRM, if not declined. Note that carriers can typically "decline" a claim (that is decline payment), which is known as a "declination". Carriers can and will decline a claim sometimes even if the claim is 100% valid, at which point additional paperwork, calls etc... will be required to get the claim paid. (Note not all carriers follow this last behavioral pattern, and some are more proactive than others).

At times, carriers will agree with part of your basis for the claim but not another part, or will use a different rate to recalculate a claim amount, and submit an "amendment". Usually they will send this via letter in the US mail, and if FRRM agrees with the carriers amendment, FRRM will sign the amendment form, and resubmit it to the carriers, at which point the carriers will submit payment based upon the agreed to amended amount.

Overcharge Claims Reporting

Overcharge claims activity is tracked meticulously and reports are sent to FRRM clients on a regular schedule.

Auditing Timeline

Contact Frrm Today The FRRM post audit is designed to accomodate shippers of all sizes. Our reporting for post audit is geared to providing you useful statistical data for your analysis, in a timely manner. Consistent auditing practices lead to better freight management.

Stay informed and protected, allow FRRM to provide you with an upfront, and no-cost consultation. Contact us today.

Revenue Recovery

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Revenue Recovery Services

Post Audit Professionals Let FRRM recover revenue that you can use in your company. As we work from a percentage of funds recovered, you pay us nothing. If we can't recover losses we don't earn anything. It's a "win-win" situation, and a safeguard that every company should have in place.

Never Post Audited?

Post Audit Professionals No problem, if your company doesn't have a post audit in place, we highly recommend that you Contact us, and test the water. We guarantee results, and useful information will be procured.

Post Audit Professionals FRRM is dedicated to providing a solid source of reliable freight management for companies seeking means of reducing their freight spend, through audit, reporting, & payment services. Please review the About us page to learn what sets us apart from the crowd.

Post Audit Professionals FRRM is proud to be able to assist any company with questions about how to save money on freight charges in these tough economic times. We can assist you in better understanding the audit process, and how our company can play an integrated role working hand in hand with your traffic department.

Post Audit Professionals To check out even more about our post audit services, please visit our website which is dedicated to just post audit...

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